JGU COVID Support Group

The JGU COVID Support Group is an initiative started by the alumni of O.P Jindal Global University to help the ones in need in these difficult times. The purpose of this support group is to raise funds as well as provide temporary online volunteers by getting involved with verified NGOs and individuals working on the ground to support those most impacted by the crisis across the country.

The key components of this Internship Program:

A. Creation of Practical Socio-Legal Literacy Material for the benefit of Migrant Workers:
The key areas of content creation will be on socio-legal benefits for migrants for practical use and application.

The content topics will be extremely specific, for instance:- health benefits for women construction workers in Bangalore.

The exact content topics will be finalised by the interns in consultation with the Expert Supervisor/Mentor.

The format will be written pamphlets, audios and videos in different languages. Such created content will be widely published on social media and circulated in networks and NGOs supporting migrant workers. Such created content will be presented by the students to at least one partner NGO

B. Supporting Partner NGOs with Live Case-work for the benefit of Migrant Workers (on a need basis which may include) :
Calling up authorities for progress of cases.
Compiling information on networks, NGOs and trade unions for a comprehensive helpline directory for migrant workers.
Negotiating and networking for migrant workers.
Other case-work.

Culture, Working Groups and Mentors:

They promote a culture of teamwork and mutual respect. Each intern will be looked at as a leader and ideas/innovation are welcomed. They believe in being self-motivated and in the principles of co-accountability and co-responsibility.

Interns will be split into 3 working groups with one Expert Supervisor/Mentor from the field of human rights or social work or labour laws. The 3 working groups will hold an internal meeting along with the Expert Supervisor/Mentor at least once a week.

They have 3 Expert Supervisors/ Mentor :

Nirmal Gorana
Nirmal Gorana is a leading social activist in India working on the issue of modern slavery since 2010. In the last 10 years, he has rescued and rehabilitated thousands of bonded labourers and children in India and is supporting several hundred cases of criminal prosecutions against their exploiters. In the last few years, he has also done significant work on Right to Housing and for securing justice for the informal sector workers. On these issues, He has been instrumental in the filing of several PILs in various High Courts and the Supreme Court of India.

Anupradha Singh
Anupradha Singh has been practicing law since 2017 and is a law officer at Human Rights Law Network. During the lockdown, she worked extensively on migrant workers’ issues on the ground level distributing relief materials and filed cases and successfully obtained positive orders from the Court. She specializes on Right to Housing and works on other wide range of issues- Bonded Labour, Right to Food, Women’s Rights, Dalit Rights, Labour Rights, Criminal Justice and public health issues in the government hospitals.

Gunjan Singh
Gunjan Singh is a Human Rights lawyer based in New Delhi. He is currently working as Director (Litigation) at Human Rights Law Network, Delhi. Besides Litigation, he also mentors advocates and interns at HRLN. He started his litigation career working with trade unions in Gurgaon, India. He for a brief period, also worked as a researcher on a ILO commissioned study “Evolution of Industrial relations in Gurgaon and Worker responses”, where he mapped the gaps in grievance Redressal mechanism under Indian labour Laws

Who should apply?/ Eligibility Criteria:


  • Full commitment for the month of July 2020 (Monday to Saturday i.e. five and a half days per week for the whole month)
  • Availability to work remotely and be available on calls/emails
  • Socio-legal research skills
  • Crisp writing and presentation skills
  • Strong interest and passion for community lawyering, particularly supporting migrant workers
  • Proactive and punctual nature
  • Teamwork skills


  • Experience in community lawyering
  • Preliminary knowledge of labour laws or human rights
  • Prior Experience of working with NGOs and communities or workers/labourers
  • Creative skills and audio-video making skills
  • Strong networking and communication skills
  • Knowledge in different languages
  • Social media skills

What’s in store for the interns?

  • Make a sustainable impact in the lives of migrant workers through your legal knowledge and creative skills
  • Networking with various NGOs
  • Mentorship and supervision from experts in the field.
  • Network with your alumni

On completion of following three tasks you will receive a certificate of internship:

  • Creation of practical literacy material
  • Publication/presentation of such literacy material to partner NGOs (and migrant workers if possible)
  • Case-work with partner NGOs.

Application Process:

Please fill the following form latest by 3pm on 30th June.

Key Timelines:

Internship start date: 1 July 2020
Internship end date: 31 July 2020