GNLU Centre for Law and Society

Fundraiser for providing assistance to migrant labourers

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented national crisis. Among the worst-hit are the migrant laborers, who are stranded in different states and in dire need of essential supplies. The GNLU Centre for Law and Society (“GCLS”), in collaboration with Zenith Legal Aid Clinic, Shivpuri (Madhya Pradesh), started working on a project to help stranded migrant workers with their sustenance and safe homecoming. The GCLS, with support from other law schools, has helped over 16000 laborers so far. This work has been reported by prominent legal reporters Bar and BenchLive Law and Legally India

In this process, the team identified more than 2,500 people with acute distress situations. The GCLS has started a crowdfunding drive to provide direct monetary assistance with food, medicines, and internal travel (i.e. from their location to the bus stop or railway station).

There are three sources through which GCLS receives money viz., UPI, bank transfer, and our Ketto Campaign. One single bank account is connected to these three sources and this bank account is used solely for collection and disbursement of GCLS Contingency Fund. A tax exemption can be granted under Section 80G for every donation made to Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar. The certificate would be issued on request.